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out in east berlin

a documentary by
jochen hick & andreas strohfeldt

edited by thomas keller

North American Distribution with
Nancy Fishman Releasing. Contact.

Deutscher Kinostart ab 31. Oktober 2013
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Official Selection
63rd Berlin International Film Festival
Panorama Section

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In 1968, paragraph 175,
which made homosexual behavior punishable by law, was abolished in the German Democratic Republic.
At first homosexuality was considered a negligible, somehow suspicious issue in 'real existing socialism'. The nuclear family constituted the center of social society.
“Out in East Berlin” tells the various, impressive-to-absurd personal histories of gay men and lesbians during socialistic GDR until the fall of the Berlin Wall. Their experiences on the path to a self-conscious, outed sexual identity share one specific perspective: They are accompanied by the watchful eye of the Ministry of State Security (Stasi), which reached even
their actions in bedroom. Those were recorded in innumerable personal files. Based on
the homosexual perspective, filmmakers Jochen Hick and Andreas Strohfeldt elucidate
the political picture of the GDR,in which citizens are monitored, spied upon and whose movements are restrained. In addition,they are called upon to betray one´s own cause: homosexual emancipation.
An exciting, fascinating and vivid portrait of society is created from impressive interviews,
situational scenes and historical material never shown before.
A film, that especially today possesses actuality and explosiveness.

Supported byFilmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and MFG Filmföderung Baden-Württemberg

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Link zur deutschen Filmseite!

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